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do you like little girls with round tits?πŸ₯°
I hope I passed the 5 4” vibe check
Hope I fit in here ;)
You want to see my boobs? Is that ok? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
Wow 😍
the happiest of mondays πŸ˜‰
This top is a little bit too small for my big boobs, but I love it.
You should try letting a petite girl be on top once in a while
The best things come in small packages..
two seconds later a guy walked by and I got the guts to let me hands down (true story)
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Are you harder then my game?
I m only 5 2”, can I be your shawty? 😏
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A good nips to hips ratio don t you think?
First time showing reddit my boobs:)
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Are you able to look me in the eye?😍
Come over tonight? 😏
If petite is your type β€” here I am
Happy Monday
Are you gonna suck on my titties or what?
I always get lots of comments about my boobs. Do you like how they are joined in the middle?
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do you like tiny japanese girls? (18F)
Call me your HOliness
Do you like my body?
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Ready to be yours babe where do I sign up? 😏😝 19f
playing with window light πŸͺŸ
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My Boobs Need Lotion Can You Help?
I m ready for a swim. You coming with?
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